Denise Shaffer



Letís Change the World Together!

Fellow Lions, Lioness Lions and Leos

I would like to thank all members in our district to put their faith and trust in me to lead our District for the 2023-2024 Lions year. I have had the opportunity to train under our Immediate Past District Governor Kathy Duelley and she will be a tough act to follow. A great deal was learned from Kathy, and I saw firsthand the respect and genuine passion to serve that she possesses. I am confident our district team will assist me in leading our District into a successful year of service.

Changing the World Together is the theme from our International President, Dr. Patti Hill. We have this opportunity daily to serve our communities in a way that will the change the world. I heard a line in a movie that states that we are the hand of God to those that need our assistance. I am a firm believer that this is true. Serving in our communities and beyond is a passion that I have had for many years, and I am certain that most of you joined lions for the same reason.

Make your meetings and service projects fun. Respect all lions and the ideas they share for projects. What may not have worked in the past may work now with a different approach. I am looking forward to working with our clubs in service and ask that you consider inviting our DG team, 1VDG Scott Lohman and myself, to your service projects this year. Letís Change the World Together!

Yours in Service,

Lion Denise Shaffer

District Governor 14-K